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Everyone has a unique story. A common beginner mistake is to draw symbols from memory, they need to practice drawing what they see until they learn to perceive the world better.

A drawing always reflects the personality and skills of the artist. The same model drawn by two people will yield two different stylistic results.

Artists are never fully satisfied with the work they produce. They keep practicing and studying until they have enriched their visual vocabulary, learned various techniques and gained experience in creating the artworks they want to see.

But what is the mission and motivation of the artist inside his current environment and community? What is his motivation?

Some common reasons could be:

  • To do something new
  • To become the best
  • To survive and pay the bills
  • To impress someone
  • To fit in with the crowd
  • To make a comment on society

In biology, signals are traits, including structures and behaviours, that have evolved specifically because they change the behaviour of receivers in ways that benefit the signaller. Traits or actions that benefit the receiver exclusively are called cues. When an alert bird deliberately gives a warning call to a stalking predator and the predator gives up the hunt, the sound is a signal. When a foraging bird inadvertently makes a rustling sound in the leaves that attracts predators and increases the risk of predation, the sound is a ‘cue’. (source)

The way the artist communicates is all that matters for the viewer to decide if he is special or not. Every artwork is a message he sends to a target audience which includes his motivation, method of transmission, content, noise and final interpretation.

Developer and writer working in technology and entertainment.

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