Python is a human-readable programming language that gets interpreted by the computer into machine code. Computations are stored in memory and the CPU does the calculations.

Programs are composed of algorithms which are step-by-step instructions for the computer to perform.

Programming languages have their own ‘syntax’ or rules to describe how statements should be written. You will find that many programming languages share many common features and functions, but each one will have their own syntax rules.

When you are writing code it is very important to maintain readability. Taking a bit of time to choose descriptive words as names…

John Brown was arriving at the station when his boss gave him a new case. A dead body had been found in his car. John went to the scene and saw the body in his driver’s seat stabbed several times and he had red nose. What a sick joke.

The dead man’s name was Steve and he was a bank executive. His wife was at the scene and she was devastated.

John went to talk with his co-workers at the bank. One of them said that a man came to see him last night at work. …

Some bugs feel impossible. It could be because it’s hard to reproduce, because you’re missing something, you don’t have a way to inspect the program’s internal state or your assumptions are wrong.

Make sure that you track your progress while debugging and list what you have learned about the bug so far.

Some bugs feel impossible because you don’t understand the system well, the usual tools don’t work, it’s hard to get information, there are too many moving pieces.

Sometimes the bug is intermittent, it only happens on a device you don’t have access to, there is no output. It…

This book is about the human labor powering many mobile, websites and AI systems.

People and software work together to deliver seemingly automated services to customers like you and me.

This work is done on platforms like Mechanical Turk, UHRS, Amara, Upwork and LeadGenius.

Some people are driven to work on these platforms because of flexible schedules, to earn extra money or because of the problems they have on regular jobs. It’s also a way to learn and gain experience. They can avoid long commutes and have some control on what and who they work for.

The tasks vary from…

Douglas T. Ross coined the term computer-aided design (CAD) in 1959. A software called Sketchpad was invented by Ivan Sutherland in 1963 for his PHD thesis. It was a two-dimensional drawing software. Between 1966 and 1968 Pierre Bézier did some mathematical work concerning surfaces and he developed UNISURF to ease the design of parts and tools for the automotive industry. UNISURF then became the working base for the following generations of CAD software.

In 1971 Dr. Patrick Hanratty developed ADAM. It was an interactive graphics design, drafting and manufacturing system written using Fortran.

The 1980’s saw the introduction of…

The house always wins. Most people can confirm from their own experience. But nevertheless a set of people constantly come to the casino to play and voluntary leave there money!

It‘s’ pleasant and comfortable for a client in the casino. He gets free-of-charge drinks and snacks due to the casino. He sits in comfortable armchairs and listens to pleasant music. Nothing disturbs him. There are not clocks in the casino, as a rule. Therefore it is rather difficult to define the time.

But everywhere there is a lot of day sunlight. Bright light confuses players. These are psychological tricks. …

Newton’s Laws of Motion help us to understand how objects behave when they are still, when they are moving and when forces act upon them.

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless an external force acts upon it. Similarly, if the object is at rest, it will remain at rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon it. This is also defined as the Law of Inertia.

Sitting objects don’t move unless a force is applied on them. …

It’s time to stop waiting for distant goals in the future and start enjoying your life today.

The past and the future are projections of our mind, everything happens in the present moment.

The way our brain works our memories change every time we recall them. As time passes what you remember is different from what actually happened. Let go of the past and do better today.

The future could be either good or bad. When the future is good you feel hope and anticipation, when it’s bad you feel anxiety. …

Acceptance is key to improve your mental health. Sometimes we have difficulty accepting something and then we end up finding a way.

If you don’t accept who you are you will always feel conflicted and have trouble with self-esteem.

We invest so much hope and energy to our goals that when our expectations are not met we find the outcomes hard to accept.

If you could stop complaining, judging and trying to change other people you could just live your life day by day without any stress.

Non-acceptance is a one-way ticket to anxiety, anger and unhappiness. …

These updates made users mad about the changes to their favorite products.

Google Photos

In June 2021 Google Photos stopped offering unlimited storage for high-quality photos. All photos now count towards the 15GB account storage. The same thing happened with their e-mail service.

Craftsman Tools

Stores are not honoring the Craftsman Lifetime Warranty because the old tools and and the new tools are different and have different part numbers. The brand still offers the warranty on their policy but stores like Lowes, Ace Hardware and Sears can’t replace these tools all the time.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is constantly changing their menus. Some of the most…

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