6 Types of Businessmen

The Economist
Economists are good at explaining the theory behind how business works. There are endless possibilities and the world is an oyster. Sometimes they feel a bit disconnected from the product itself and the marketing department.

The Old-Fashioned
Sometimes we need to deal with people who are used to tradition. They need to meet you in person, dress up for the occasion and follow formalities. It’s difficult to get them updated on recent technologies and they might judge you based on your status.

The Nerd
He knows all the technical jargon and gets the work done but he seems to live in a different dimension and it’s difficult to get his message across to team members and customers.

The Artist
He’s the one who brings magic to your product and makes it shiny. He puts his opinion above the facts and does things just because they feel right. When something backfires, it was probably his idea.

The Statistician
He lives behind numbers and stats and doesn’t believe anything you say unless you have a paper that proves it. Sometimes they get forced into pulling bunnies out of a hat and give you crazy predictions. He might suddenly say you need to change the color of a button.

The Warmaster
Security is his main concern. He wants to help his allies and destroy his enemies. His mission is to expand his territory and defend his quarters.